Organizing Yarn

I knit a lot, but not qute as fast as the rate at which I buy yarn. My yarn was in various paper bags around my place, as well as in designated yarn baskets in my closet. Recently, I have been trying to Marie Kondo my life and ended up with a large empty drawer underneath my bed after getting rid of a ton of hats that I never wore and purses that I never used. So, I got the brilliant idea of putting my yarn in that drawer. After going through a couple of bags, the drawer looked like this:


My ultimate goal was to be able to see all of my yarn so that I could choose projects based on the yarn I have. After putting a good amount of my yarn stash in said drawer, I still had a ton and I realized that I was going to have to either start double stacking the yarn in the drawer or get rid of all of the fun fur/ribbon yarn I have been holding onto for years and still swear will come back in style. I decided to go with double stacking the yarn.

After getting a few more skeins in the drawer, it ended up looking like this:


I feel like I got a good amount of yarn in there. What I wasn’t able to get in there were the projects I am currently working on and a few skeins that were tangled. My tanlged yarns include a lot of chenille, which I am fairly certain I will never use, and some fun fur, which I insist on holding onto. That was all able to fit back into a yarn basket in my closet.


For now though, my yarn is organized and ready to be used! Follow me as I begin this blog to keep a record of my knitting, crocheting, and crafts.

Organizing was only the first step, gosh yarn it!


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