A Knotty Christmas

Some of the cool things I got for Christmas to support my yarn habit.

1) My first loom! I can’t wait to start weaving. (Any tricks or tips would be super great).


2) Size US 50 knitting needles. I have been obsessed with chunky knitting, but not so much with arm knitting. The next closest size I had was 19 and that just wasn’t chunky enough.


3) A pretty sweet bag to carry my yarn around in. The top has slots for the yarn to come out of too. I’m excited to start using it.


4) Knitting themed pajamas. Complete with cats.


Not pictured: a yarn cuter and yarn in the colors of all of the Hogwarts houses.


One thought on “A Knotty Christmas

  1. You didn’t tell me you have a LOOM! I sincerely hope you get some time to use it one day. The only time I ever saw someone use a loom was in Otavalo, Ecuador. The owner of the ‘store’ was a native Ecuadorian man, whose name I can’t recall, and a staff of about 10 native Ecuadorian women who were making the most beautiful woven, hanging, rugs. I bought about 10 that day mainly because I wanted to support their efforts. I simply loved watching the women weaving such beautiful scenes of Ecuador’s mountains, llamas, women in their distinctive bowler hats and colorful outdoor markets.


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