Chunky Knitting

I got a pair of size 50 needles for Christmas and have been playing around with how to use them. I have been super into chunky knits this year and the second closest size needle that I had was size US 17, which does give a nice, chunky effect, but not quite as chunky as I’d like it to.

I also had a couple skeins of Loops & Threads Charisma in Mountain Majesty (two is all it took for the length I achieved) and I decided to double the yarn and make a scarf out of it with my size 50 needles.


I played around with 1×1 ribbing and 2×2 ribbing before deciding on 1×1. I like the effect with this size and this yarn so much better.


The thing I really have to work on with these size needles are the edges. I had to play around with them forever to get them to look better than they initially did (pictured below).


I was super happy with the ultimate result though. I think it came out wonderful and had the chunky knit effect that I wanted.

I ended up making it an infinity scarf and I am super in love with it.


You can also wear this scarf many ways, making it super versatile. You can wear it single or double as a great scarf or triple it as a cowl for those cold weather days.


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