The Droid You Are Looking for and More Socks

I made this little guy for a professor who was injured in a car accident. There are so many R2D2 crochet patterns out there, but I was really happy with this one from Trifles & Treasures.

I’m a much more avid knitter than I am a crocheter and I am always amazed when I can crochet things that look good! I was so impressed with this guy that I had a hard time giving him away as a gift (it probably doesn’t help that R2D2 is my favorite droid!)


I also recently completed these socks from GarnStudio.

It was a fun pattern, but I don’t think the variegated yarn worked well for it. I wish I had used a single color yarn or a variegated yarn with less variation.

I’ve been going sock crazy lately though. They are super fun to knit and I find that I want to spend whole days making socks. The problem that I have is finding good sock yarn. What are some good sock yarn brands out there?


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