Call for Pattern Testers and Oh So Nikki Socks

I finished my Oh So Nikki Socks (here is a link to the free pattern). Although this was not my favorite pattern to work with, I love these socks. I made them as a gift, but I have to make another pair for myself when I have some free time.

Here’s what they ended up looking like as well as pictures of my progress.

I’m also working on developing a new pattern for socks and will be looking for some pattern testers. I will release details sometime late next week as well as some pictures. If you are interested in being a pattern tester, please let me know.




The Droid You Are Looking for and More Socks

I made this little guy for a professor who was injured in a car accident. There are so many R2D2 crochet patterns out there, but I was really happy with this one from Trifles & Treasures.

I’m a much more avid knitter than I am a crocheter and I am always amazed when I can crochet things that look good! I was so impressed with this guy that I had a hard time giving him away as a gift (it probably doesn’t help that R2D2 is my favorite droid!)


I also recently completed these socks from GarnStudio.

It was a fun pattern, but I don’t think the variegated yarn worked well for it. I wish I had used a single color yarn or a variegated yarn with less variation.

I’ve been going sock crazy lately though. They are super fun to knit and I find that I want to spend whole days making socks. The problem that I have is finding good sock yarn. What are some good sock yarn brands out there?

Oh So Nikki Socks

I am now working on a pair of Oh So Nikki socks (pattern by Judy Sumner) for a professor of mine who particularly loves socks.

I can’t wait to finish them! I’m loving the way the pattern is looking, but am hating slipping yarnovers so many times – I’m realizing I’m a really tight knitter and it makes it difficult!

I’ve finished the leg on the first sock and they are looking great. Such fun colors, too.



Hermione’s Everyday Socks

I just completed a pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks (pattern by Erica Lueder – her blog is pretty cool and it’s worth checking out) and was so happy with the result.

First, look at this gorgeous yarn I found for them at The Black Squirrel in Berkeley and hand-dyed by SpunRightRound.


Gorgeous, right?

Here are some progress photos I took along the way.

Leading up to a party of sewing up all the loose threads on recently completed socks.


And, finally, the finished product!


These were such great socks to make and such a fun pattern to work with. I highly recommend this pattern to sock knitters of all levels.

Another Pussy Hat

Sorry for my brief hiatus, but I am back and have lots of crochet and knitting projects to share.

First of all though, I made another pussy hat. If you didn’t hear, us nasty women knitters caused a pink yarn shortage. I made this hat in purple for a friend of a friend. For those of you that marched or supported the march, I thank you.

Here is my purple pussy hat, made with the basic pattern from The Pussyhat Project:

More Chunky Knits

In an earlier post, I talked about how much I love chunky knitting and that I was playing around with size US 50 needles. I decided to mess around with them even more this week and finished another cowl.

Using Lion Brand Hometown USA in Chicago Gray, I cast on 16 and did a 2×2 rib through the end of the skein.

I’m also currently playing around with chunky knitting, but with smaller, size 15 needles. Here is one scarf (another one with 2×2 ribbing) that I am working on with Loops and Threads Facets Yarn:

With another pair of size 15 needles, I am playing around with different stitches and am making a linen stitch cowl with Loops and Threads Charisma in Mulberry Bush.


I am still trying to find a pattern that I love for bulkier yarns that I love. If anyone has any patterns or ideas that work really well for them, please send them my way.